DNA Repair


When the DNA in cells is damaged by chemical or physical agents, such as ultraviolet light, the damage can lead to DNA mutations or even cell death. Cells use various DNA‐repair proteins to fix any damage and to prevent damage‐induced mutations and killing.

Keywords: DNA repair; mutations; cell death; excision repair; reversal of damage

Figure 1.

DNA repair pathways. This diagram of double‐stranded DNA shows three possible repair pathways for an adducted base. The arrows show where the repair proteins remove damage or cut the DNA molecule. (a) If the adduct is a substrate for a methyltransferase, such as O6‐methylguanine, the adduct itself can be physically removed from the base. (b) If the adducted base is a substrate for base excision repair, the base is removed by cutting the glycosylic bond, and a new base is inserted in its place. (c) If the base is a substrate for nucleotide excision repair, a piece of DNA containing the base is removed by cutting at the arrows and a new piece of DNA is synthesized in its place.


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