Virus Diseases of Potatoes


More than 30 different viruses are known to affect potatoes, contributing to degeneration of the crop. In response, major efforts have been made to control virus diseases by eliminating them from propagation stocks and developing resistant cultivars, procedures whose effectiveness rely on proper identification of viruses and their detection by means of sensitive and accurate virus detection technology.

Keywords: potato; virus; resistance; seed production

Figure 1.

Typical symptoms (left plant) of Potato leafroll virus (PLRV) in potato.

Figure 2.

Symptoms (left plant) induced by Potato virus Y (PVY) strain 0 in potato.

Figure 3.

Stability of genetic resistance to PLRV in potato after 3 years′ exposure to viruliferous aphids in the fields. Plants on the left carry genes for resistance to virus multiplication whereas those on the right are of a susceptible cultivar.



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