Vitamin K‐dependent Carboxylase


Proteins are posttranslationally modified by specific γ‐glutamyl carboxylation. It is believed this reaction is the only known metabolic role of the vitamin K‐dependent enzyme that carries out this carboxylation.

Keywords: phylloquinone; menaquinones; vitamin K; γ‐carboxyglutamic acid; warfarin

Figure 1.

Structures of (a) phylloquinone and (b) an example of a bacterially produced long‐chain menaquinone, menaquinone‐8.

Figure 2.

Current understanding of the bioorganic mechanism utilized to γ‐carboxylate a glutamyl residue and oxidize the hydronaphthoquinone form of vitamin K to its 2,3‐epoxide.

Figure 3.

Cellular metabolism of vitamin K mediated by the vitamin K‐dependent carboxylase and the vitamin K epoxide reductase. Inhibition of this cycle by warfarin at both steps of the reductase and the carboxylase by specific inhibitors is indicated.



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