Regulatory Cascade


An enzyme cascade is a regulatory system where one enzyme catalyses the covalent modification of another enzyme. Regulatory cascades are either unidirectional or cyclic; both types are important biological switches for the regulation of physiological processes.

Keywords: cascades; protein phosphorylation; proteolysis; glycogen metabolism; blood clotting

Figure 1.

Monocyclic cascade.

Figure 2.

Control of glycogen metabolism by reversible enzyme phosphorylation. Gα, α subunit of trimeric G protein; AC, adenylyl cyclase (subscripts i and a indicate inactive and activated forms of the interconvertible enzyme); PhbK, phosphorylase kinase; G1P, glucose 1‐phosphate; G6P, glucose 6‐phosphate; UDPG, uridine diphosphate glucose; Phos a/b, glycogen phosphorylase a/b; Sy a/b, glycogen synthase a/b; Inh‐1, phosphatase inhibitor 1; P, phosphate.

Figure 3.

Mechanism of blood clotting.



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