Human Disease: Mouse Models


Modelling human disease states or aspects of the disease process in animals has proven extremely valuable in furthering our understanding of specific illnesses, as well as in designing intervention therapies. Increasingly, the mouse is becoming the organism of choice for such studies.

Keywords: mutants; animal models; transgenic mice; knockout mice; disease models

Figure 1.

Transgenic mice production. The steps involved in the generation of transgenic mice through the microinjection of single‐celled mouse embryos. Adapted from Popko (1999).

Figure 2.

Homologous recombination of a gene targeting vector. Diagram of a gene targeting event. HSV‐tk, herpes simplex virus thymidine kinase; NEO, neomycin. Adapted from Popko (1999).

Figure 3.

Gene targeting in embryonic stem (ES) cells. The steps involved in the generation of mutant animals through the use of gene targeting approach in ES cells. Adapted from Popko (1999).


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