Northern Blotting and RNA Detection


Northern blotting is a means of identifying a certain RNA species in a complex mixture of RNA. Commonly used to evaluate qualitatively and quantitatively the expression of a gene, Northern blotting involves isolation of RNA, size fractionation of the denatured RNA through gel electrophoresis, transfer of the separated RNA to a membrane, hybridization with a specific probe, and detection.

Keywords: blotting; northern blotting; RNA blotting; hybridization

Figure 1.

Flowchart indicating the steps of Northern blotting and detection of RNA.

Figure 2.

Diagram of Northern blotting by the ascending capillary transfer method of Southern (Southern, ). The agarose gel containing the size‐fractionated RNA (left) is placed on a stack of blotting paper which acts as a wick to draw the buffer through the gel, through the membrane and into the blotting paper and paper towels. RNA from the gel becomes immobilized on the membrane.



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