Yellow Fever Virus


Yellow fever virus is a flavivirus that causes the disease yellow fever. The virus is found in tropical South America and subSaharan Africa. The disease varies from a febrile illness to a lethal haemorrhagic fever.

Keywords: yellow fever; arbovirus; flavivirus; haemorrhagic fever

Figure 1.

Organization of the flavivirus genome and expression of proteins (genes are not drawn to scale).

Figure 2.

Geographic areas in (a) Africa and (b) South America where yellow fever disease has been reported (shown in lilac). Not all areas have continual yellow fever disease.

Figure 3.

Transmission cycles of Yellow fever virus. The virus is transmitted between vertebrate hosts by various species of mosquitoes. The jungle (or sylvatic) cycle (a) involves monkeys and tree hole‐breeding mosquitoes; the urban cycle (b) involves humans and the Aedes aegypti mosquito.



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