Oxygen Production


Photosystem II utilizes visible light to drive the oxidation of water, resulting in bio‐activated electrons and protons, with the production of molecular oxygen as a byproduct. This water‐splitting reaction is carried out by a manganese cluster/tyrosine radical ensemble, the oxygen‐evolving complex.

Keywords: Kok cycles; manganese; photosystem II; tyrosine radicals; water oxidation

Figure 1.

Schematic diagram of the photosystem II reaction centre. (Figure provided by Drs Dee Ann Force and David W. Randall.)

Figure 2.

The S‐state scheme. (Figure provided by Dr Jeffrey M. Peloquin.)

Figure 3.

Manganese EPR signals of PS II. (Figure provided by Dr Kris Campbell. S0 spectrum provided by Dr Johannes Messinger.)

Figure 4.

A structural model of the oxygen evolving complex. The Mn(III) and Mn(IV) oxidation state assignments arise from simulations of the S2 state multiline EPR spectrum. (Figure provided by Dr Jeffrey M. Peloquin.)



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