RNA–DNA Molecules


RNA–DNA chimaeric molecules are important intermediates in many essential biological processes, including DNA replication and reverse transcription by retroviruses.

Keywords: DNA replication; primer RNAs; B‐form DNA; A‐form RNA; reverse transcription

Figure 1.

The synthesis of Okazaki fragments in DNA replication. In eukaryotic cells, RNA primers are made at intervals spaced by about 200 nucleotides on the lagging strand by DNA primase, and each RNA primer is about 10 nucleotides long. This RNA primer is degraded by RNAase H and/or 5′‐3′ exonuclease activities; this leaves a gap that is filled by DNA polymerase and DNA ligase.

Figure 2.

A schematic representation of reverse transcription of a retroviral genomic RNA into full‐length double‐stranded DNA. The blue‐coloured line refers to the genomic RNA, and the red‐coloured lines refer to the DNA strand synthesized by reverse transcriptase. R, U3 and U5 are repetitive sequences in the long terminal repeats located at both 5′ and 3′ ends of the genomic RNA. PBS is the binding site for tRNA primer, and PPT is the binding site for polypurine tract primer.



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