Neognathae (Typical Birds)


The Neognathae comprise a superorder of flying, or secondarily flightless, birds in the class Aves and subclass Neornithes. They are characterized by possession of a keeled sternum and of a bony palate of the neognathous type.

Keywords: neognathae; palaeognathae; neornithes; aves; birds

Figure 1.

Palate bones, in ventral view, of (a) domestic fowl (Gallus gallus, Neognathae); (b) emu (Dromaius novaehollandiae, Palaeognathae). After Pycraft 1901b. Key: bp, basipterygoid process; mxp, maxillopalatine; pal, palatine; pmx, premaxilla; pt, pterygoid; qu, quadrate; ros, parasphenoid rostrum; vo, vomer. Note the reduced vomers (black) and juxtaposed palatines (dark grey) in Neognathae. In Palaeognathae, the palatines are separated by relatively large vomers.


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