Insectivora (Insectivores)


The Insectivora is the order of mammals containing the shrews, moles, hedgehogs, golden moles, solenodons and tenrecs.

Keywords: chrysochlorids; hedgehogs; moles; shrews; solenodons; tenrecs

Figure 1.

Insectivorans. (a) Chrysochloridae (golden mole); (b) Erinaceidae (left: spiny hedgehog; right: gymnure); (c) Solenodontidae (solenodon); (d) Soricidae (shrew); (e) Talpidae (left: shrew mole; centre: desman; right: fossorial mole); (f) Tenrecidae (left: shrew tenrec; centre: spiny tenrec; right: otter shrew).

Figure 2.

Insectivoran skulls. (a) Chrysochloridae (Amblysomus); (b) Erinaceidae (Hylomys); (c) Solenodontidae (Solenodon); (d) Soricidae (Blarina); (e) Talpidae (Scalopus); (f) Tenrecidae (Microgale).


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