Platyhelminthes (Flatworms)


The Platyhelminthes are a group of nonsegmented invertebrates that occur worldwide in a wide range of habitats; more than half of the species are parasitic.

Keywords: Platyhelminthes; flatworms; parasites; metazoans; invertebrates

Figure 1.

Examples of major platyhelminth taxa. (a) Dalyelliida. (b) Typhloplanida. (c) Kalyptorhynchia. (d) Proseriata. (e) Tricladida. (f) Polycladida. (g) Temnocephalida. (h) Monogenea. (i) Trematoda. (j) Cestoda. Redrawn and modified from various sources.

Figure 2.

Life cycle of the Chinese liver fluke.

Figure 3.

Phylogenetic tree of the Platyhelminthes using ‘total evidence’ (morphology, whole sequences of 18S rDNA). The numbers refer to morphological characters. From Littlewood et al. (1999a) with permission of Academic Press.


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