Nemertea (Ribbon Worms)


Nemerteans form a phylum of predominantly marine soft‐bodied, often elongate, worms with no general body cavity. They are characterized by an eversible proboscis separate from the gut, a gut with separate mouth and anus, and a closed blood system.

Keywords: ribbon‐worms; proboscis‐worms; Nemertinea; Nemertini; Rhynchocoela

Figure 1.

Schematic vertical longitudinal sections to show the relationships of the gut and proboscis apparatus in Palaeonemertea (a), Heteronemertea (b), Hoplonemertea (Monostilifera) (c) and Bdellonemertea (d). (Modified from Gibson, 1972.)

Figure 2.

The blood system of nemerteans. The basic plan is shown by the palaeonemertean Cephalothrix linearis (a), with various types of elaboration on this found in the heteronemerteans Cerebratulus lacteus (b) and Ramphogordius sanguineus (c), and the hoplonemerteans Amphiporus lactifloreus (d) and Prostoma graecense (e). (Modified from Gibson, 1972.)


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