The Gastrotricha are meiofaunal aschelminthes mostly occurring in marine sands and in lentic freshwaters.

Keywords: gastrotricha; meiofauna; aschelminthes; ultrastructure; benthos

Figure 1.

Gastrotricha. General appearance and ultrastructure. (a) A macrodasyid Turbanella sp.; (b) a paucitubulatinid Neodasys sp.; (c) a multitubulatinid Chaetonotus sp.; all dorsal view and to upper scale; (d) diagram of electron microscope transverse section of Turbanella adhesive tubule showing outer lamellae, tegument with striated and granular layer, cilium and microvilli of sensory cell, adhesive cell with large secretory droplets and releaser cell with small droplets.


Further Reading

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