Mollusca (Molluscs)


Mollusca are bilateral (or secondarily asymmetrical) coelomate Protostomia with spiral cleavage and mostly a (often modified) trochophore‐like larva. Most species are provided with spicule or shell (plates), a mantle cavity with gills, a ciliary or muscular gliding sole (foot), a visceral portion with heart and excretory organs and alimentary tract with rasping tongue (radula).

Keywords: diversity; bauplan; evolution; phylogeny

Figure 1.

Phylogenetic relationships and schematic organizations of the extant classes of the Mollusca, including a diagram of the hypothetical molluscan stem species. Note that concrete exemplary anatomies are schematized rather than general bauplans. Modified from Salvini‐Plawen and Steiner (1996) and Haszprunar (2000).


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