Cambrian Radiation


It is consistent with the fossil record that all living phyla had evolved by the end of Early Cambrian time, over half a billion years ago. Many phyla first appear as marine fossils during a 10‐million‐year period in the Early Cambrian known as the Cambrian explosion, and radiated rapidly to produce marine communities analogous to those of today.

Keywords: phyla; fossils; evolution; phylogeny; skeletonization

Figure 1.

Time scale of events surrounding the Cambrian explosion. Ma, millions of years before the present.

Figure 2.

Some products of the Cambrian explosion: fossils from the Chengjiang fauna, Yunnan, China, about 520 million years old. (a) Fuxianhuia, an early arthropod; (b) Jiangfengia, an early arthropod relative; (c) Dinomischus, a stalked organism that cannot be assigned to any living phylum. The specimens range between 1 and 6 cm in longest dimension. Photographs courtesy of D. H. Erwin, National Museum of Natural History.



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