Protozoan Symbioses


Protozoan symbiosis describes a condition of existence in which two protozoa or a protozoan with another partner – a virus, a prokaryote, another protist or a multicellular eukaryote – live together. It brings nutritional benefit to both symbionts or to only one of them, or it may be detrimental to one of them.

Keywords: protozoa; symbionts; mutualism; commensalism; parasitism

Figure 1.

Live individuals of species of the genus Naegleria. (a) and (b) Crawling amoebae. (c) Cyst. ×1400. Photo by Dr I. Dyková.

Figure 2.

Silver impregnated cytoskeletal structure in the adhesive disc of Trichodina reticulata, an ectocommensal from the skin of a fish. ×2000.

Figure 3.

Bloodstream forms of Trypanosoma carassii from the blood of common carp. ×1900.



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