Balantidiosis is a disease manifested by diarrhoea and due to the ciliate Balantidium coli. Humans can contract it under poor hygienic conditions. The main source of infection is pigs, in which the ciliate is a common endocommensal.

Keywords: Balantidium coli; life cycle; host–parasite relationship; balantidiosis; treatment

Figure 1.

(a), (d) and (e) Permanent, stained preparations of Balantidium coli; (b) and (c) living ciliates. (a) An individual stained with haematoxylin; at the top, the oral groove, below it the macronucleus and at the bottom, one of the two contractile vacuoles; ×590. (b) A dividing individual, showing the constriction furrow; ×410.(c) A pair of conjugants adhering to each other by their oral areas; ×590. (d) A cyst with distinct cyst wall; ×330. (e) A section showing balantidia in an abscess in the intestine of guinea‐pig; bottom left, denuded muscular layer of the intestine; ×170. (b) to (e), unpublished photographs of Dr V. Zaman.



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