Thyroid Disease


The thyroid gland produces thyroid hormones which are essential for many metabolic processes. Diseases of the thyroid gland are common and usually result from enlargement of the thyroid gland, called a goitre, or the production of too much or too little thyroid hormone.

Keywords: goitre; hyperthyroidism; hypothyroidism; Graves disease; Hashimoto thyroiditis

Figure 1.

Chemical structure of the major thyroid hormones.

Figure 2.

Diagrammatic representation of the control of thyroid hormone secretion. The hypothalamus releases thyrotrophin‐releasing hormone (TRH), which stimulates the pituitary to release thyrotrophin (TSH), which then promotes the release of thyroid hormones. Circulating thyroid hormones exert negative feedback at the level of the hypothalamus and the pituitary.

Figure 3.

Algorithm for the investigation of the patient with a solitary thyroid nodule (FNA = fine needle aspiration; US = ultrasound).



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