Weismann, August Friedrich Leopold


Weismann (1834–1914), a German zoologist who made important conceptual contributions to evolutionary theory and to heredity theory.

Keywords: heredity; germline; darwinism; chromosome; variation

Figure 1.

Portrait of August Weismann. Reproduced by permission of the Museum für Naturkunde, Humboldt‐Universität zu Berlin.

Figure 2.

Scheme of the behaviour of idants during various stages of germ cell development in Ascaris megalocephala univalens. I: both idants of the ancestral germ cell (Ukz) are composed of ids; II: in the mother germ cell (Mkz) they are double; III: after the first reduction division the daughter germ cell (Tkz) contains two identical ids; IV: after the second reduction division the germ cell (Kz) contains only one id. From Weismann (1892).


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