Animal Cell Culture Scale‐up


Cultures of animal cells can be grown in vitro within controlled laboratory environments and are used for research in cell biology or as a method for producing products of commercial interest. Various methods for scale‐up of these cultures are available.

Keywords: animal cell; cell culture; scale‐up; bioreactor; suspension cells

Figure 1.

Types of bioreactors for industrial use. (a) Photo showing 10 L bioreactor culture system (glass bioreactor). (b) Photo showing 100 L bioreactor culture system (stainless‐steel bioreactor). (c) Fluidized bed bioreactor. From Butler . Reproduced with permission from Thomson. (d) Airlift bioreactor. From Butler . Reproduced with permission from Thomson. (e) Packed bed bioreactor. From Butler . Reproduced with permission from Thomson. (f) Wave bioreactor.

Figure 2.

Animal cell culture scale‐up technologies. (a) Photo showing culture flasks, spinner flask and roller bottle technologies. (b) Nunc multitray unit. (c) Costar Cell Cube bioreactor. Reprinted with permission from Aunins et al. . © 2003 American Chemical Society & American Institute of Chemical Engineers. (d) Hollow fibre systems. From Butler . Reproduced with permission from Thomson.



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