Clathrin‐coated Vesicles: Methods for Preparation


Clathrin‐coated vesicles carry proteins and lipids between compartments of eukaryotic cells. Best‐studied is their role in receptor‐mediated endocytosis and in the transport of lysosomal proteins from the trans‐Golgi network to the endosomal system.

Keywords: coated vesicles; clathrin; adaptors; membrane traffic

Figure 1.

Analysis of clathrin‐coated vesicles by electron microscopy and SDS‐PAGE. (a) A negatively stained preparation of clathrin‐coated vesicles. Note the characteristic coat that surrounds an internal membrane vesicle of amorphous appearance. (b) The protein composition of highly purified clathrin‐coated vesicles from pig brain after SDS‐PAGE. (c) A cartoon showing how clathrin triskelia (in red, purple and green) are arranged in the coat surrounding the vesicle. An individual clathrin triskelion with its domains labelled is also shown. The (TD) of clathrin often contact transmembrane proteins (R) only indirectly through adaptor proteins as depicted in the inset. Ms C. Rudolph is thanked for contributing this figure.



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Further Reading

Schmid SL (1997) Clathrin‐coated vesicle formation and protein sorting: an integrated process. Annual Review of Biochemistry 66: 511–548.

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