Protein Sorting During Endocytosis: Methods


Endocytosis in eukaryotic cells is a regulated array of several complex processes and is involved in many cellular activities. The quantitative biochemical assay described herein integrates the qualitative results obtained with the morphological techniques previously used to study endocytosis. A method based on use of a biotinylated reagent that binds covalently to proteins and is cleavable by reducing agents at 4°C allows study of the molecular mechanisms involved and the structural requirements for protein sorting.

Keywords: endocytosis; internalization; recycling; protein sorting

Figure 1.

A schematic of the assay used to study internalization and recycling/degradation of surface expressed proteins. IP, immunoprecipitation; SDS‐PAGE, sodium dodecyl sulfate–polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis; NHS‐SS‐biotin, sulfosuccinimidyl–2 (bioTinamido) ethyl–1,3‐dithiopropionate.



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