Milstein, César


César Milstein (1927–2002), an Argentinian molecular biologist, and Georges Köhler, a German immunologist, perfected the technique of monoclonal antibody production from hybridomas, for which they shared the Nobel Prize in Medicine. This discovery proved the validity of the clonal selection theory of antibody formation. On receiving the PhD in Biochemistry in Buenos Aries, he completed a second doctorate at Cambridge. On joining the staff of the Medical Research Council of Molecular Biology, Milstein et al. established the complete sequence of an immunoglobulin light chain. They discovered only one type of messenger ribonucleic acid (RNA) for both constant and variable light chain domains. Milstein reasoned that the constant domain genes must come together in antibody‐synthesising cells. Milstein and Köhler fused antibody‐forming spleen cells with mutant myeloma cells to form hybridomas to study the genetic basis of antibody diversity. The mutant myeloma cells conferred immortality on the fused cell line, whereas the spleen cells conferred antibody specificity. Thus, the hybrid cell or hybridoma cell line exhibited long‐term survival in culture, producing an unlimited quantity of monoclonal antibodies.

Keywords: hybridoma; monoclonal antibodies; clonal selection; mutant myeloma cells; antibody‐synthesising cells

Figure 1.

César Milstein. Photograph from the private collection of Julius M. Cruse, MD, PhD. © Julius M. Cruse.


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