Natta, Giulio


Italian polymer chemist (1903–1979) who developed the theory and technology of stereospecific polymerisation. Stereospecific polymerisation has been a revolution in the field of macromolecular chemistry. Besides the discoverer, Natta was its undisputed ruler. With his brilliant insights and tireless work, he was able to guide and coordinate the interdisciplinary work of his collaborators to the discovery and the study of more than a hundred new polymers, over a period of 15 years. The synthesis of isotactic polypropylene was the last great discovery – in terms of economic importance – still possible in the traditional field of industrial chemistry. For several years, the most significant results obtained in the field of stereospecific polymerisation continued to come from Natta's laboratories. Since then, the stereospecific polymerisation continues even nowadays to be the subject of study.

Keywords: Ziegler; polymer; polypropylene; catalyst; Nobel Prize; Politecnico di Milano; Milan

Figure 1. A young Giulio Natta. © Giuseppe Natta Archive.
Figure 2. Giulio Natta and his wife Rosita – San Remo (Ligurian Coast). © Giuseppe Natta Archive.
Figure 3. Giulio Natta and some of his collaborators – Politecnico di Milano. © Giuseppe Natta Archive.

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