Pulsed‐field Gel Electrophoresis


Pulsed field gel electrophoresis is a technique used to separate large DNA molecules. It is used in a variety of situations including electrophoretic karyotyping, long‐range physical mapping and the analysis of DNA and chromosome structures.

Keywords: chromosome; DNA; karyotype; mapping

Figure 1.

CHEF (contour‐clamped homogeneous electric field) apparatus showing the change in the electric field between (a) one pulse time and (b) the next.

Figure 2.

Preparative pulsed‐field gel showing the areas of the gel that are removed for staining (indicated by dashed lines). M signifies marker tracks and the darkened area represents digested DNA.

Figure 3.

Preparative pulsed‐field gel slice embedded in a high‐percentage agarose gel and maintained in a conventional gel tank. Small arrows indicate the static electric field and the large arrow shows the direction in which the DNA is eluted from the slice and concentrated in the small darkened area beyond the end of the slice.

Figure 4.

Separation of yeast chromosomes and (YACs) by pulsed‐field gel electrophoresis. The sizes refer to the YP148 chromosomes. Running conditions were 1% agarose gel in 0.5 × Tris Borate EDTA buffer run at 6 V cm−1 for 30 h at 15°C with a pulse time of 50 s. The YACs are maintained in the yeast strain AB1380 and the additional YAC chromosomes are indicated.



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