DNA Structure: A‐, B‐ and Z‐DNA Helix Families


There are three major families of DNA helices: A‐DNA, B‐DNA and Z‐DNA. The helical structure of DNA is variable and depends on the sequence as well as the environment.

Keywords: DNA structure; A‐DNA; B‐DNA; Z‐DNA; DNA helix; left‐handed DNA

Figure 1.

Different views of the DNA helix. (a) The structure of B‐DNA as proposed by Watson and Crick in 1953, based on fibre diffraction studies. Modified from Sinden et al. (1998). (b) A‐, B‐ and Z‐DNA, as seen from the side of the helix (above), and looking down the helix axis (below). The structures were drawn from the crystal structures, using the Cn3D programme, available from the NCBI home page.

Figure 2.

Chemical structure of DNA. (a) The chemical structure of the nucleotide adenosine triphosphate (ATP). (b) The phosphodiester backbone for the sequence d(ACGT). Modified from Sinden et al. (1998).

Figure 3.

Properties of DNA bases. (a) The base pairs for guanine–cytosine (G•C) and adenine–thymine (A•T). (b) Twist angle for the A•A dinucleotide, and propeller twist for an A•T base pair. Modified from Sinden et al. (1998).


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