Biodiversity – Threats


Any direct or indirect human activity that threatens the planet's biological diversity in the form of genes, populations, species, ecosystems, or other levels of biological organization is considered a threat to survival.

Keywords: conservation; biodiversity; species; extinction; global change

Figure 1.

Number of described species and estimates of species numbers, including expert opinions of taxonomic specialists and various extrapolations (Pimm et al., 1995)

Figure 2.

Typical species–area relationships. Larger areas (A) have more species than smaller ones (B, C), and areas that have long been isolated – such as islands – have proportionally fewer species (C) than do equal sized areas that are nested within continuous habitat (B) (Pimm and Brooks, 1999).

Figure 3.

The 25 hotspots (Myers et al., 2000).


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