Interspecific Interaction


Organisms are not isolated, and to survive and reproduce most have evolved in ways that require them to use a combination of their own genetic information and that of other species. Hence, interspecific interactions, or interactions between individuals of different species, are one of the most important processes influencing the patterns of adaptation and variation of species.

Keywords: interspecific interactions; antagonism; mutualism; variation of interactions; coevolution

Figure 1.

Ants foraging for nectar from extrafloral nectaries. (a) Crematogaster brevispinosa on Turnera ulmifolia (Turneraceae). (b) Camponotus abdominalis on Inga vera (Leguminosae). (c) C. brevispinosa on the leaf of a shrubby legume.

Figure 2.

The ant Camponotus sereceiventris foraging for honeydew from a honeydew‐producing membracid (Homoptera).

Figure 3.

The ant Crematogaster brevispinosa removing seeds (b) from the fruits of Turnera ulmifolia (a, c). Note the fleshy arile on the seed (d), which acts as reward for the ant.


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