The Wellcome Trust


The Wellcome Trust is one of the world's largest and most diverse independent biomedical charities, supporting a spectrum of activity from basic science to history of medicine. Total charitable expenditure in 2005 was £483 million and investment assets were £12.3 billion. Currently, about 90% of its funds support UK activities while most of the remainder underpins research and capacity building in developing and restructuring countries. There are over 3000 Wellcome Trust funded researchers in more than 40 countries.

Keywords: biomedical; charity; medicine; history of medicine; science

Figure 1.

The Wellcome Building, 183 Euston Road, in London's Bloomsbury district (1980). Photograph, Wellcome Library, London.

Figure 2.

The Wellcome Library, reading room on the ground floor. Photograph, Wellcome Library, London.

Figure 3.

George H Hitchings and Gertrude B Elion at the time of their Nobel Prize (1988). Photograph, Archives and Manuscripts, Wellcome Library, London.

Figure 4.

The genome sequencing room at the Sanger Institute (2000). Photograph, Wellcome Library, London.

Figure 5.

The Gibbs Building, headquarters of the Wellcome Trust, at 215 Euston Road, 2005. Photograph, Wellcome Library, London.


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