Duisberg, Carl


Carl Dusiberg (1861–1935) was a German chemist and industrial executive. He began working in the German dyestuffs industry in the late nineteenth century, when it was a rapidly expanding field. He and his colleagues produced many new dyestuffs and intermediates. His real strength, however, was in the area of management. Along with Carl Bosch, he was responsible for the merger of several German chemical companies into a large conglomerate, IG Farbenindustrie. It was the largest firm in Europe and dominated the chemical market. The company was ostracised after World War II for its collaboration with the Nazi regime (e.g. in the production of poison gas for the death camps) and its use of slave labour, but Duisberg died before these excesses took place.

Key Concepts:

  • Carl Dusiberg was involved in the rapid expansion of the German dye industry in the late nineteenth century.

  • Carl Duisberg was a cofounder of the German chemical conglomerate IG Farbenindustrie.

  • IG Farben collaborated with the Nazi regime during World War II.

  • He was (1861–1935) a German chemist and industry executive, a principal founder of the German firm I. G. Farbenindustrie AG.

Keywords: chemical industry; dyes; IG Farben; Nazi; monopoly

Figure 1.

Carl Duisberg (1909). Reproduction of oil on canvas by Max Liebermann from the Bayer Kulturstiftung collection.


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