The order Illiciales is a member of the basal subclass of angiosperms, the Magnoliidae, and is made up of two small families. The family Illiciaceae contains one genus, Illicium, which has about 42 species, and the family Schisanraceae, which contains two genera – Kadsura (24 species) and Schisandra (about 25 species), including the Chinese star anise.

Keywords: illiciaceae; schisandraceae; magnoliidae; illicium; schisandra; kadsura; chinese star anise

Figure 1.

Foliage, flowers and flower buds of Illicium floridanum. Two‐thirds natural size.

Figure 2.

Flower of Illicium floridanum before pollen has been shed from the stamens. 2.5 times natural size.

Figure 3.

A pollen grain of Illicium parviflorum showing how the 3 apertures are fused at one end (distal pole) of the grain. Bar = 10 μm.


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