The Nymphaeales comprise an angiosperm order commonly known as ‘water lilies’. All members of the order are aquatic plants that typically possess floating leaves.

Keywords: aquatic plants; freshwater vegetation; water gardening; water lilies

Figure 1.

Several hundred cultivars of Nymphaea (top) have been featured in water gardens worldwide. The giant leaves of the spectacular Victoria amazonica (bottom) can grow to 2 m in diameter.

Figure 2.

Diagram of relationships among Nymphaeales genera. This evolutionary ‘tree’ was constructed using a combination of morphological and molecular data. The different ‘branch’ lengths indicate relative differences separating the groups (scale shown). Two major groups or ‘clades’ are resolved which correspond to the families Nymphaeaceae and Cabombaceae. The high percentages above branches (‘bootstrap’ values) indicate that different sections of the tree are well supported.


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