Pandanales (Screw Pine)


The Pandanales, a group of economically important monocotyledons, consisting of trees, shrubs and vines of a single family, the Pandanaceae, are confined to the old world tropics. These plants have a remarkable diversity of pollinators, which yield insights to the relationships between pollination and the evolution of plantā€breeding systems.

Keywords: apomixis; bat pollination; bird pollination; breeding system evolution; dioecism

Figure 1.

P. tectorius in Maui, Hawaii. Photo © Paul Alan Cox

Figure 2.

P. tectorius cephalium in Moorea, French Polynesia. Photo © Paul Alan Cox

Figure 3.

S. sinuosa ripe fruits in Nggela island, Solomon Islands. Photo © Paul Alan Cox

Figure 4.

F. reineckei being pollinated by the flying fox Pteropus mariannus in Guam. Photo © Merlin Tuttle, Bat Conservation International.


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