Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)


The polymerase chain reaction is a technique that allows DNA molecules of interest (usually gene sequences) to be copied in a simple enzyme reaction producing a sufficient quantity of the copied DNA for detailed analysis or manipulation. The method is a basic tool in molecular biology with widespread applications in biological and medical research.

Keywords: DNA polymerase; Taq; primer; template; amplification

Figure 1.

Polymerase chain reaction involves repeated cycles of incubation at three temperatures. The reaction is initially heated to above 90°C. At this temperature, the double‐stranded DNA template is denatured and becomes single‐stranded. The temperature is next reduced to 45–65°C. At this temperature, the oligonucleotide primers bind to their target sequences on the single‐stranded template. The temperature is then raised to 72°C and the Taq DNA polymerase begins to synthesize a new DNA strand complementary to the template strand beginning at the primers. Further cycles of incubation result in the synthesis of increasing amounts of the target sequence.


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