Hemophilia and Other Bleeding Disorders: Genetics


Hemophilia is the term applied to a group of hereditary disorders characterized by excessive bleeding and which are due to lack or defective function of one or more blood coagulation factors.

Keywords: normal hemostasis; hemophilia; tissue factor; factor V; factor VII; factor VIII; factor IX; factor X; factor XI; prothrombin; fibrinogen

Figure 1.

Blood coagulation network. Coagulation factors are represented according to their protein domains, showing the high degree of duplication that has occurred during the evolution of this physiological system. Factors VII, IX and X have identical modular structure as do factors V and VIII. Domains: EG: epidermal growth factor; KR: kringle; F3: fibronectin type 3; FA58A: A domain of factors V and VIII; FA58C: C domain of factors V and VIII; Ser Pr: serine protease domain; AP: apple domain of factor XI and prekallikrein; γ: gamma‐carboxy glutamic acid domain. The inhibitors, which regulate this process, are not shown.

Figure 2.

Tissue factor (TF).

Figure 3.

Factor VII.

Figure 4.

Factor IX.

Figure 5.

Factor X.

Figure 6.


Figure 7.

Factor VIII.

Figure 8.

Factor V.

Figure 9.


Figure 10.

Factor XI.


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