Fetal Diagnosis


Prenatal diagnosis is concerned mainly with the detection of fetal chromosomal aberrations, single gene disorders and malformations of different aetiologies. Current methods for the retrieval of fetal material for the genetic analysis rely on invasive practices (amniocentesis, chorionic villus biopsy) that are associated with a risk of fetal loss. Recently, progress has been made in developing noninvasive alternatives by quantitatively and qualitatively analysing fetal cells or cell‐free fetal deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) out of maternal blood or maternal plasma, respectively. Also the preimplantation genetic diagnosis benefits from these technical advancements.

Keywords: prenatal diagnosis; noninvasive prenatal diagnosis; erythroblasts; cell‐free deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA); preimplantation diagnosis

Figure 1.

Giemsa‐stained metaphase chromosomes show the characteristic black–white banding pattern which allows unique identification of each chromosome.

Figure 2.

Application of a 24 colour FISH probe cocktail on metaphase chromosomes. Each chromosome is unambiguously identifiable by a distinct fluorochrome combination, and sorted accordingly within the karyogram.

Figure 3.

Erythroblasts as fetal target cells for noninvasive prenatal diagnosis from maternal blood. (a) Erythroblast stained with May–Grünwald; (b) erythroblast stained with a fluorescently labelled antibody against the surface antigen Glycophorin A; (c) fluorescence in situ hybridization on a male fetal erythroblast. The green signal represents the X‐chromosome whereas the red signal represents the Y‐chromosome.



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