Chromosome Analysis and Identification


Chromosome analysis of human cells is used to identify aberrations of chromosome number and structure. These are associated with developmental or reproductive abnormalities and cancer. Analysis usually involves an examination of stained chromosomes in dividing cells under the light microscope. Individual chromosomes can be identified by morphological characteristics and staining patterns.

Keywords: chromosome; cytogenetics; karyotype; aberrations; trisomy

Figure 1.

Spread of metaphase chromosomes from human lymphocytes after a chromosome banding procedure.

Figure 2.

Karyotype of a normal human male cell prepared from the metaphase spread in Figure .

Figure 3.

Karyotype from a triploid cell from a miscarried fetus.

Figure 4.

Karyotype of a cell from a patient with trisomy 18.

Figure 5.

Karyotype of a cell with a balanced translocation between one arm of chromosome 1 and one arm of chromosome 16.

Figure 6.

Interphase nucleus after FISH using a probe specific for chromosome 21 (in red) and for chromosome 13 (in green). Two copies of each chromosome are seen, indicating that there is no trisomy for these chromosomes.


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