Art and Genetics


A growing group of artists is addressing controversial developments in genetics and genomic research. Many of these artists represent social, political or ethical implications of this research in a broad variety of art forms.

Keywords: GFP bunny; DNA graphy; microvenus; supercode; silent code

Figure 1.

Microvenus symbol.

Figure 2.

Microvenus symbol, coded into a 35‐bit binary sequence and arranged into a 7‐bit by 5‐bit array that graphically maps into the shape of the icon.

Figure 3.

Delbrück code. Max Delbrück used these codon‐to‐alphabetical assignments to encode the sentence, I am the riddle of life know me and you will know yourself.

Figure 4.

DNA supercode.

Figure 5.

Amino acid and silent codes.



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