Clustering of Highly Expressed Genes in the Human Genome


A dual mechanism of gene regulation exists in the human genome: Transcription factors determine whether a gene will be expressed and establish a basic level of transcription. In addition, the chromosomal domain in which a gene is positioned exerts a substantial effect and potentiates the ultimate expression level.

Keywords: chromosomal domains; gene expression; transcription; genome organization; gene clustering

Figure 1.

Physically mapped transcriptome profile of the q‐arm of human chromosome 1. Giemsa banding is illustrated below each transcriptome map (centromere/heterochromatic region is marked ‘cen’). RIDGEs are marked with an ‘R’, anti‐RIDGEs are marked ‘AR’. Black vertical bars represent genes and their height indicates domain activity for a window of 49 genes (median expression of the surrounding 49 genes in 133 pooled SAGE libraries from different tissues). Below is the chromosomal position in megabases (UCSC Genome Build HG15). Illustration by Jan Koster and Hinco Gierman.



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The Human Transcriptome Map. A Web application that gives the gene expression profiles for any chromosomal region:

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