Human Gene Nomenclature


The HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee (HGNC) was founded in 1977 to provide a single worldwide authority to assign standardized human gene symbols, and remains one of the essential components of human gene and genome management. The HGNC has two overriding goals: providing a unique nomenclature for every human gene, and ensuring that this information is freely available, widely disseminated and universally recognized. Effective communication between the scientific community, healthcare professionals and the general public is key to our understanding of the wealth of information encoded in the human genome. It is important for future progress in this field that each of these groups refer to the same gene by the same unique name and symbol, in discussions and in publications, and the HGNC aims to facilitate this by assigning such names and symbols to every human gene.

Key concepts

standardization of gene nomenclature; utility of standardized gene names; gene names in genome databases; gene naming guidelines; gene naming across species; gene families.

Keywords: nomenclature; gene symbol; gene name; database; HGNC

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Web Links



Entrez Gene


HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee website: includes links to a searchable online database (with numerous links out to other databases from each gene entry), nomenclature guidelines and gene family pages

Human Gene Mutation Database

Mouse Genome Informatics


Rat Genome Database





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