Retinitis Pigmentosa


Retinitis pigmentosa is a heterogeneous group of retinal dystrophies that are characterized by photoreceptor cell degeneration, night blindness, a gradual loss of peripheral visual fields and eventual loss of central vision. Several genes responsible for the development of retinitis pigmentosa have now been identified and cloned, and these discoveries have defined the genetic pathways for pathogenesis of retinitis pigmentosa.

Keywords: retinitis pigmentosa; photoreceptor degeneration; genetics; phototransduction; retinal dystrophy

Figure 1.

Photograph of the fundus of an individual affected with retinitis pigmentosa who carries the Glu341X mutation in the rhodopsin gene (Zhao et al., ). Note the typical bone‐spicule pigmentation pattern (boxed). (Courtesy of S. Xiong.)



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Retinal Information Network

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