Imprinting: Evolution


Genomic imprinting, the differential expression of maternally and paternally derived genes, diminishes the ability to mask the deleterious effects of recessive mutations, one of the major advantages of diploidy. Nevertheless, imprinting has evolved at roughly 40 mammalian loci, and several hypotheses have been proposed to explain how the apparent disadvantage of imprinting has been overcome.

Keywords: genomic imprinting; genetic conflict; ovarian time bomb; inactivation; gene expression; ploidy levels


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Web Links

Imprinted Gene Catalog. Catalog of imprinted genes and parent‐of‐origin effects in humans and animals

IGF2 (insulin‐like growth factor 2); LocusID: 3481. Locus Link:

IGF2 (insulin‐like growth factor 2); OMIM: 147470. OMIM:

IL4 (interleukin 4); LocusID: 3565. Locus Link:

IL4 (interleukin 4); OMIM: 147780. OMIM:

WT1 (Wilms tumor 1); LocusID: 7490. Locus Link:

WT1 (Wilms tumor 1); OMIM: 194070. OMIM:‐post/Omim/ dispmim?194070

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