Laser Capture Microdissection in Proteomics


Laser capture microdissection or laser‐assisted microdissection techniques allow the purification or enrichment of selected cell types from heterogeneous tissue sections prior to downstream analysis of DNA, RNA or protein.

Keywords: proteomics; laser capture microdissection; laser‐assisted microdissection; two‐dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis; Western blotting

Figure 1.

Example of laser capture microdissection of a proximal tubule from a hematoxylin‐and‐eosin stained section of normal kidney showing (a) the intact section of renal cortex, (b) an enlarged area of proximal tubules, (c) the same area following microdissection of a proximal tubule and (d) the microdissected proximal tubule on the transfer cap.



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