Tjio, Joe‐Hin


Joe‐Hin Tjio (1919–2001) was a Java‐born scientist who, in collaboration with Albert Levan, uncovered the correct number of human chromosomes.

Keywords: chromosome number; cytogenetics; Levan

Figure 1.

Joe‐Hin Tjio (1919–2001), ca. 1960.

Figure 2.

Photograph taken at the ceremony of the Kennedy International Award in 1962. Tjio is standing to the left of Jerome Lejeune. (Photo courtesy of Tjio.)

Figure 3.

Examples of the microphotographs taken by Tjio. On each photograph he has written, in a combination of Chinese and Swedish, ‘to Maj Hultén with affection’ followed by the species, the time the photo was taken, and the time it was given to her. (a,b) Metaphase plates of human chromosomes; (c) Ehrlich ascites tumor metaphase; (d) Yoshida sarcoma (rat) quadripolar anaphase; (e) Luzula purpurea (2N=6) late prophase, diffuse centromere.


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