Y Chromosome Evolution


The evolution of the Y chromosomes of different taxa (humans, plants and Drosophila) is considered as well as the degeneration processes that affected the autosomal ancestor (proto‐Y chromosome). The acquisition of testis‐expressed genes and their amplifications on the Y chromosome are discussed. In spite of the differences and the specificity of evolutionary forces driving their diversification, the molecular studies of the Y chromosomal structures reveal some unexpected similarities in different evolutionary lineages.

Keywords: Y chromosome; degenerate genes; ampliconic sequences; heterochromatin; loss of recombination

Figure 1.

Simplified scheme of the human Y chromosome structure, according to the results of sequencing (Skaletsky et al., ). PAR, pseudoautosomal regions; Cen, centromere; Yp and Yq, left and right arms, respectively; intermingled ampliconic and X‐degenerate regions are shown; AZF, location of azoospermia factor, containing amplified genes; SRY, sex chromosome‐determining region.



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