Julius Sachs (1832–1897)


Julius Sachs (1832–1897), ennobled in 1877 to ‘von Sachs’, was a German plant scientist. He was the first botanist to receive his academic habilitation in ‘plant physiology’ and is considered one of the founding fathers of this discipline. From 1868, Sachs was the Director of the Botanical Institute and the Botanical Garden at the University of Würzburg, Bavaria, which became an internationally renowned centre for teaching and research in plant physiology. Sachs is particularly noted for introducing physical instrumentation into the study of plants. He did pioneering work on a broad range of subjects, including plant germination, nutrition, growth and tropism; and he inspired many botanists of the younger generation to consider plant physiology as a subject to pursue.

Keywords: plant physiology; botany; chloroplast; plant nutrition; water culture; tropism


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