Jean Brachet (1909–1988)


This article gives a short account of the work and life of the Belgian molecular embryologist and cytologist Jean Brachet (1909–1988). Jean Brachet was born in Belgium and educated as a physician at the Free University of Brussels. Still while studying, he started to do cytological experiments in the laboratory of Albert Dalcq, looking into the cellular distribution of nucleic acids (DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and RNA (ribonucleic acid)). During the 1940s, he established, together with his colleagues Raymond Jeener and Hubert Chantrenne, and under difficult political and material circumstances, the view that RNA is implicated in protein synthesis. Moreover, he identified the cellular granules then called microsomes (today's ribosomes) as the sites of the fabrication of proteins. After the Second World War, he became the leading figure of the Brussels (Rouge Cloître) school of molecular biology. Together with Adrienne Ficq, he developed a potent method of cyto‐autoradiography. On a science policy level, he was instrumental in establishing molecular biology in Belgium and in creating the European Molecular Biology Organization and Laboratory. Throughout his life, Brachet's experimental efforts aimed at understanding organismic development at a molecular level.

Keywords: molecular embryology; molecular biology; DNA and RNA staining; hypereosinophilic syndrome; cytoplasmic RNA; protein synthesis; Rouge Cloître group


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