Health Assessment of Children Being Adopted: Practice, Challenges and Dilemmas


The medical adviser in adoption is a statutory role, usually undertaken by an experienced community paediatrician. A key task of the medical adviser is the provision of a comprehensive preadoption health report on a child for whom the local authority plan is adoption. The vast majority of children being placed for adoption come from the care system and are likely to have adverse childhood experiences. The medical adviser collates information about the birth family health history, the child's prenatal and birth information, early development and health, alongside early life experiences and advises on the relevance of this information. Close working links between the medical adviser in adoption and other key professionals are important in order to achieve the best outcomes for this special group of children, including the provision of postā€adoption support. Dilemmas and challenges are commonly encountered by those who undertake this role.

Key Concepts

  • The medical adviser in adoption has a key role in collating all available health information and sharing this with the adoption agency and prospective adoptive parents.
  • A quality preadoption health assessment and report are essential for matching a child with prospective adoptive parents.
  • A preadoption health report should include information about the health of the child's birth family, the child's birth and identified antenatal factors, early health and development and life experiences with guidance provided around the potential future implications of these factors.
  • Adoption is a lifelong journey and new/additional health information in the birth family may come to light at any point. Mechanisms are required to ensure that this is shared and discussed appropriately.
  • Close working relationships between the medical adviser in adoption and adoption agency staff/local authority social workers are crucial.
  • Dilemmas and challenges are commonly encountered by those who undertake this role.
  • The needs of the child are paramount in the process of adoption.

Keywords: adoption; medical adviser; preadoption health assessment; adopted children; adoptive parents; adoption support


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