Molecular Evolution

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Sequence Alignment
Julie D Thompson, Olivier Poch
Published online: July 2006
Gene Deletions in Evolution
David N Cooper
Published online: July 2006
Domain Duplication and Gene Elongation
Wen‐Hsiung Li, Kateryna D Makova
Published online: July 2006
Codon Usage
Etsuko N Moriyama
Published online: July 2006
Evolutionary Distance: Estimation
Masatoshi Nei, Jianzhi Zhang
Published online: July 2006
Mutations and New Variation: Overview
Mark O Johnston
Published online: January 2006
Mutation Rate: Sex Biases
Laurence D Hurst
Published online: January 2006
Population Genetics: Multilocus
Max Shpak, Sergey Gavrilets
Published online: January 2006
Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC)
Dustin J Penn, Petteri Ilmonen
Published online: September 2005
Microbial Evolution
Michael Travisano
Published online: May 2005
Intragenomic Conflict
Hamish G Spencer
Published online: July 2003
Microevolution and Macroevolution: Introduction
Hilary S Callahan
Published online: May 2002
Geological Time: Dating Techniques
Donald R Prothero
Published online: March 2002
Evolutionary Developmental Biology: Gene Duplication, Divergence and Co‐option
Susumo Ohno†, Gerald P Holmquist
Published online: October 2001
Plant Synteny, Colinearity and Genome Evolution
Jeffrey L Bennetzen, Katrien Devos
Published online: July 2001
Eye Development: Gene Control
Robert E Hill, Katherine L Hammond
Published online: April 2001
Molecular Evolution: Techniques
Barbara K Mable
Published online: April 2001
Evolutionary Developmental Biology: Developmental and Genetic Mechanisms of Evolutionary Change
Jessica A Bolker
Published online: April 2001
Evolutionary Developmental Biology: Homologous Regulatory Genes and Processes
Stephen J Gaunt
Published online: April 2001
Prebiotic Chemistry
Antonio Lazcano
Published online: April 2001
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